"Worlds" on our server are actually separate servers tied together using some software called BungeeCord. Many of our "worlds" are based on plugins created by the open-source Minecraft community. Suggest a server using the suggestion box on the right. PLEASE NOTE: We need volunteers to help activate new worlds and/or minigames. We'll provide the plugins and admin access; you provide the effort and skills needed!

Zombie World

Village Defense image from developers site

A world based on the Village Defence plugin that requires cooperative play to fend off an ever increasing number of zombies!

Players must work together to get the highest score!

Survival World

Screenshot of library entrance to Survival World

This is one of our primary worlds for survival play. You start off in a protected area before going out to explore the dangerous landscape. You can place a chest (built by you) anywhere outside the protected region to create your own small protected residence. You can expand your residence by earning money. One way to earn money is to just staying alive. Every 30 minutes you earn more money. 

Please be aware that both other players and monsters can attack you when you are not in the protected zone or your own residence.

Good luck!

Story World

Rivendell world developed by InfiniGeek

When browsing the stacks of the library within our lobby, selecting certain titles will teleport the user to an area within the world with that literary theme and where fans of those books can congregate.  Puzzles and challenges will be created that can be solved with a little knowledge about the underlying story.   When possible, already existing literary worlds will be imported into our Minecraft server (see resource links).                                                                                        


Image from aSkyBlock plugin spigot page

A survival world based on the IslandWorld plugin where each player starts on their own island in the sky to compete with other players on their own islands.

Maine World

Minecraft World icon

A world roughly based on Maine geography.  Eventually, players should be able to input real-world coordinates (from Google maps) and teleport to the equivalent location within this Minecraft world.

Library Lobby

Library Interior screenshot

This is the lobby (i.e., hub) for our Minecraft services. All players initially spawn in the library and, if registered, can access other library worlds/servers by walking through marked bookstacks. Fighting and breaking things is not allowed in the library. 

Lewis and Clark

Map of the Lewis and Clark route

A Minecraft world based on the United States Minecraft map created by RRyyas on Planet Minecraft. This adventure/race will start in St. Louis and have participants either work together or alone to try and find the Pacific ocean by traveling up rivers and over mountains to the Northwest, just as Lewis and Clark did in the early 19th century.

Creative Plots World

Plot world image

This is a creative world where players claim and have complete control over their own plot of Minecraft "land."  They can make a house, roller coaster, castle -- whatever they'd like.  Players can invite others to help them or just admire their work!

Build Battle

Screenshot of library entrance to Build Battle

Not really a battle, but a friendly competition to see who can create the best structure to represent a concept selected by the players themselves. The "winner" is based on player votes at the end of each round.