LuckPerm Logo

"An advanced permissions implementation for Bukkit/Spigot & BungeeCord."

"LuckPerms is an advanced permissions implementation aiming to be a fast, reliable and flexible alternative to existing permission plugins. The project's main goals are centered around high performance and a wide feature set, filling the gaps of functionality and building upon existing features found in other plugins. LuckPerms also includes an extensive API for developers, and support for a variety of Minecraft server software & data storage options."

We use it because of the reasons above and the fact that it supports MySQL so that we can share these permissions more easily across our servers.


Group Manager Commands LuckPerms Commands
manuadd <player> <group> lp user <player> parent set <group>
manudel <player> lp user <player> clear
manuaddsub <player> <group> lp user <player> parent add <group>
manudelsub <player> <group> lp user <player> parent remove <group>
manpromote <player> <group> lp user <player> promote <track>
mandemote <player> <group> lp user <player> demote <track>
manwhois <player> lp user <player> info
manuaddp <player> <permission> lp user <player> permission set <permission> true
manudelp <player> <permission> lp user <player> permission unset <permission>
manulistp <player> lp user <player> permission info
manucheckp <player> <permission> lp user <player> haspermission <permission>
manuaddv <player> prefix <value> lp user <player> meta addprefix <priority> <value>
manuaddv <player> suffix <value> lp user <player> meta addsuffix <priority> <value>
manuaddv <player> <variable> <value> lp user <player> meta set <variable> <value>
manudelv <player> <variable> lp user <player> meta unset <variable>
manulistv <player> lp user <player> meta info
mangadd <group> lp creategroup <group>
mangdel <group> lp deletegroup <group>
mangaddi <group1> <group2> lp group <group1> parent add <group2>
mangdeli <group1> <group2> lp group <group1> parent remove <group2>
listgroups lp listgroups
mangaddp <group> <permission> lp group <group> permission set <permission> true
mangdelp <group> <permission> lp group <group> permission unset <permission>
manglistp <group> lp group <group> permission info
mangcheckp <group> <permission> lp group <group> haspermission <permission>
mangaddv <player> prefix <value> lp group <group> meta addprefix <priority> <value>
mangaddv <player> suffix <value> lp group <group> meta addsuffix <priority> <value>
mangaddv <player> <variable> <value> lp group <group> meta set <variable> <value>
mangdelv <player> <variable> lp group <group> meta unset <variable>
manglistv <player> lp group <group> meta info
mansave lp sync
manload lp sync