Minecraft LogoYou have reached the Library's Minecraft site where you can learn more about our Minecraft server and register as a player. Our goal is to create a safe, educational, and fun Minecraft site for our local community.

If you are just visiting, take a look around to see what kind of Minecraft-based activities we have planned at our library and what projects we are working on.

Remote access to the library's Minecraft server (@ minecraftserver.scarboroughlibrary.org) requires a Java-based Minecraft license and registration on our server. We are currently on Minecraft Release 1.20.1 (Spigot).

Please click here to register as a player. If you'd like to volunteer as a moderator and/or developer, please contact MrTC by email at tcorbett@scarboroughlibrary.org or by phone at 207-396-6271.